I have no problem with Significant Others but others may have


I am living with my mistress and her husband. I am little sissy sex toy for them and I love it.

btw: In this topic you have to create topics on any problems you have with Significant Others.
"I want to shave my legs but want to give a reason to my wife as to why I need to shave them (she doesn't know I like to dress). I was thinking of giving the reason that my legs are itchy and I wanted to see if shaving them would help. I was wondering what other gurls have said to their female partners as excuses."
Hey gurls. So my SO knows I dress, she accepts it tho i wish she would be more into it. Any tips to try and make it more exciting for her? And second question, do any other gurls have it where your all into dressing and then out of no where it's like the fire goes out and you just wanna go back regular clothes? Does this happen to any one else?