F.A.Q. Hypno Audio

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    What does the word “hypnosis” mean?
    Hypnosis is one of the most mysterious techniques of psychological impact on human beings and putting them into trance. It contains lots of secrets, foolish speculations and delusions. The concept of hypnosis is that it relaxes the conscious mind so much that reaching out to the subconscious mind becomes easy.

    Most people fear of the thought of being hypnotized because they have never experienced it before. However, the fact is whenever you are absorbed with doing something, for example, watching a TV show or doing something that requires concentration; you go through “hypnotic” trance states.

    The distinction is that with hypnosis you consciously choose to put yourself into a trance state and guide your subconscious mind to a certain aim (in this instance, to release the inner woman).

    Is hypnosis dangerous?
    There can be no damage for you whatsoever because hypnosis is completely safe. Every day you experience trance states in your routine life, when you are absorbed while driving a car or watching a movie.

    You have absolute control over your mind and it is impossible for hypnosis to cause you any harm.

    Nonetheless, if a person suffers from a mental disorder like paranoia, panic attacks or schizophrenia, he must not be hypnotized without written consent from a mental health provider.

    Is it possible for hypnosis to force me into doing something?
    Of course not, you are in complete control the entire time. Hypnosis might affect your way of thinking, yet it cannot make you do things against your will.

    What if something goes wrong, can I get stuck in hypnosis?
    No one can get “stuck” in hypnosis. If something goes wrong and you fall too deep into trance, you will just pass out and then wake up.

    Can I get back to my male state?

    Yes, you control the situation the entire time and you are able to return to your previous state anytime you want.

    Nevertheless, crossdressers and transgender/transsexual women might need to stay in feminine phase, so I made two forms of the program. One form of the program standardly involves returning to a masculine state and the second does not for your convenience. You may choose which one is suitable for you.

    Is everyone able to be hypnotized?

    As far as I know there are few reasons why someone would not be able to be hypnotized. For example, if a person has a mental disorder or low I.Q. In every other case people can be hypnotized, you just have to want to.
    How much time does it take to see changes?
    You will see the difference in yourself at the very beginning of the program. However, primarily it should take at least 20 days to get good results and build new habits.
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    male sissy
    where can i take the hypnosis training non-returning?

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F.A.Q. Hypno Audio

Discussion in 'Erotic hypnosis' started by wave 103, Mar 24, 2016.